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Membership Information

We certainly hope that you will want to join the ranks of other proud Triumph owners, or for members, use this page to renew your membership of the St. Louis Triumph Owners Association (SLTOA). An annual membership fee of $20.00, due each January, covers your membership dues the calendar year.

As a member …

You will receive the SLTOA monthly news letter "EXHAUST NOTES" which will include:

  • Schedules and plans for future SLTOA drives and other local LBC (non Triumph) club drives
  • Articles about past SLTOA drives / events
  • Schedules for regional and national Triumph / British Car events
  • Technical tips and tech sessions
  • Interesting TR / SLTOA side bars
  • For Sale / Want Ads (ads free to members of SLTOA and posted in our newsletter)

You and yours will be able to participate with other SLTOA members in:

  • SLTOA touring drives
  • Monthly SLTOA club meetings, (every third Tuesday evening at various, selected, area restaurants)
  • Local, regional, and national British car shows
  • The annual SLTOA Picnic Meeting
  • The annual SLTOA Holiday party at a club subsidized rate
  • Club sponsored Web site, with a private Mailing List for quick communications to members with e-mail

You will receive an SLTOA Membership Directory (after the close of the annual membership drive). Also, members are included in a blanket auto insurance policy covering certain club sponsored activities.

Members using Facebook will have access to the SLTOA Facebook site.




















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