Meanwhile, down in Fredericktown…

Rather entertaining rod; couldn’t ID it from the grill, but there’s a Ford plate on the firewall.  What was really startling, though, was the decal in the back window.

171125-fredericktown-01 171125-fredericktown-02


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Happy Thanksgiving



Growing up, I based my knowledge of “typical” Midwest winters on three years in Lincoln, Nebraska, and four years in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  After moving back to the Midwest in 2005, I was startled to find that most of the winters hereabouts were actually pretty mild….cold, to be sure, but major snowfall winters only occurred every three or so years.

Having said that, I can’t complain about living in a part of the country where, on Thanksgiving Day, I can put the top down on the HSD and go out for a drive…or two…or more.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who see this!  I’ll get photos from last Sunday’s most excellent SLTOA/StLSCC Veteran’s Day Run posted later this weekend.

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Road Recce


Went out Saturday (18 Nov) to do the final reconnaissance run over the route for Sunday’s Vet’s Drive, saw plenty of this type of weather.

The Vet’s run was a major success, despite the chill.  Details to follow.

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BSCC Finale


In contrast to the last three ends-of-season for the BSCC autocross series, this year the TR8 finished without a) requiring major mechanical work, b) a large puddle underneath and c) an unexpected ride back to the house on a flatbed.  Life is good!

Windy and brisk at the 8th parking lot grand prix of the year on 12 November, some traction issues due to the weather (cones flying everywhere!) and most of the convertible owners left the tops up on the cars.  Great turnout by the Slow Roller Racing team, we’re already watching for the 2018 scheduled from Racer Steve.

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The Automobile As Art VI

Spied in the parking lot of an Aldi in Independence, MO, earlier this evening.  You have to admire the fine job done on the flux capacitor housing on the front bumper.

BTW, this is the first time I’ve done an upload to the SLTOA blog while moving; am currently on Amtrak’s “Missouri Mule,” eastbound from Independence to Kirkwood.  Any luck and I’ll get six hours of sleep in advance of Sunday morning choir and the last Boeing Sports Car Club autocross of the season.


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Hot Pursuit


Sunday afternoon, heading back to home plate on MO 364 following the SCCA rally and this green late TR6 popped up in front of me, moving at a high rate of speed.   Think I know whose car it was although I’m not completely sure; I wasn’t aware of any green TR6s with hardtops in SLTOA.

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Fall Colour Drive


The answer to the question: how many Triumph owners does it take to fix a TR6?

Seriously, last weekend’s 3rd Annual SLTOA Fall Colour Drive, organized by Ed (the owner of the briefly stricken TR) was a major hoot.  We had eight Triumphs, one Morgan, one BMW Z4 and one MX5 and 18 members take part.  The end-of-the-trail gathering at Aerie’s Winery, high on the bluff overlooking Grafton, was equally fun (and yes, Ed’s TR made it up the hill; the repairs held).

Next up, the last “official” drive of the year: 5 November’s 5th Annual Veteran’s Day Run. In the meantime, this scribe is heading out on a work trip, to Barksdale AFB, Louisiana.  I do believe the British Motoring Club of New Orleans has a chapter or det in Shreveport, as always I’ll keep an eye out for TRs in particular and LBCs in general.

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2017 All British!

170923-abccs-09-mk 170923-abccs-08-mk 170923-abccs-25-mk

Yeah, several weeks late and real no-kidding fall is apparently upon us BUT, this year’s All British Car & Cycle Show, held under full-blown summer conditions (hot, humid, no wind) was another winner.

According to event organizers the MG Club of St Louis, this year’s field included 154 cars. A good number of the featured marque/models, Austin-Healey Sprites and MG Midgets, showed up and assumed the “line of honor;” the standout, parked a few yards away, was the Sprite-based Sprite-Firestar, based on the Lotus 11 design (something like only three built).

Otherwise, excellent representation by the local LBC clubs, with plenty of Jaguars, MGs, Triumphs, a couple of “Big Healeys” and a brace of Minis (original and new) and Land Rovers. Specifically concerning SLTOA, TR6s dominated, followed by Spits and three Wedges (1xTR7 and 2xTR8).  A mystery Triumph Herald showed up and parked near the concession area. Yes, a club flyer was placed on the driver’s seat, we’re hoping to hear back from the owner with the possibility of gaining him/her as a member.  If there’s two types of cars SLTOA lacks, its Stags and sedans/saloons.

Despite the heat, a great day.  And now, to settle in for some fall driving events.

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Ready for the Next Mission

170828-rod-blv-01  170828-rod-blv-02

Seen at Scott AFB last week of August…not just a truly unique rat rod, but also – apparently – something of a rolling salute.  Wasn’t able to figure out what vehicle served as the foundation for this car but the details were entertaining, including the footlocker – appropriately stenciled – which served as a trunk and the ammo box which functioned as a cup holder.  If I see it again, I’ll try to get more detail shots.

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1st Annual SLTOA Poker Run


And yes, there will be a second annual event, next year this time.  Put together primarily by Prez Steve, this event was a pretty big success: seven cars competing, 26 people participating, great route ( great confusion at a couple of places on the route, resulting in some hilarity and in one case, directly contributing to the Hard Luck Award) and a fun picnic/awards ceremony at the end.

Next major events?  Well, the Slow Roller Racing Team returns to the track at the Boeing Sports Car Club autocross on 10 September.  The 23rd bring the BIG one, the annual All British Car & Cycle Show, should be another good turnout.

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