Bear Patrol

160130 St Charles-B

No, I’m not talking about manning up, launching and escorting an Aviatsiya Dal’nego Deystviya Tu-95 down the coast (or down the Mississippi River Valley, for that matter).  I’m talking about taking advantage of Saturday’s incredibly good weather (clear/PC, mid-60s) for a reconnaissance drive along this year’s SLTOA Polar Bear Run route.

Devised by a couple of the club’s members, this year’s excursion promises to be a good one of about 70 miles lenght, with good roads (the photo notwithstanding), great scenery and plenty of opportunities for photos.   Assuming the weather holds, I expect all of the participants will have a great time, including the post-drive meal/gathering at Hickory Ridge (and if you’re reading this and would like to join in, call up the web page at for details.  We’d love to have you).

As an entertaining aside, I saw plenty of interesting cars along the route, including two first-generation Mustang convertibles (interestingly enough, both orange); a ’56 Ford Fairlane convertible in that particulary unique mid-50s black/pinkish two-tone that was popular at the time; one other LBC, a late-model crash bumper MGB; AMC Hornet wagon (good grief, haven’t run across one of those in something like 30 years); a late 70s/early 80s Toyota FJ wagon (ditto); ’65 Thunderbird convertible; ’66 Chevy Impala coupe; ’70 or thereabouts Hemi Cuda (wow!  Bright screaming yellow, natch); and a ’64 Buick Electra 225 (talk about two tons of road-hugging weight).  Oh, and the piece de resistance, a circa 1944 TBM-3E.  Great fun.

Hopefully the weather’s good in two weeks for Polar Bear.  AND, hopefully the weather’s good Superbowl Sunday, for the Jaguar Association of St Louis’ drive to Washington and back.  Yr fthfl ed is planning on making the trip for photo purposes.

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