Meeting Night

160119 Mtg-05 AA

Photo by Andy Ackerman

Truth be known, I was planning on commentary on our fellow St Louis drivers and how they handle (or don’t handle) snow.   Then again it could be worse; we could be living in the Charlotte to Boston corridor, which is about to get one helluva storm over the weekend.  Last night in Washington DC, AAA responded to 6500 accidents/drivers needing assistance…following the deposit of 1 inch of snow on the region (The Washington Post’s headline: “An inch of snow, icy roads unleash 9 hours of traffic chaos across D.C. region”).

BUT, instead, I’ll salute the 12 hardy SLTOA members who did go out in the face of the incoming storm two nights ago for the club’s monthly meeting.  Shoot, one of our newer members even drove his Spitfire!  Bravo!

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