Happy New Year! ….Post-Flood

I44 Westbound Spit Flood

Photos: St Louis Post-Dispatch

For those outside the local area who periodically check this blog, here’s a couple of shots of the recent St Louis/Metro East flooding. The photo on the left shows I-44 westbound at Valley Park near MO Hwy 141, while the Spitfire photo may have been taken in Eureka or Pacific; those two communities pretty much went underwater at the height of the flood. As of yet, don’t have an idea who’s Spit it is, doesn’t look like the car of any SLTOA member.

In the club, we had at least one member who had water in the basement and another member on the south side of Eureka whose development was surrounded by water. Fortunately, their house remained quite literally high and dry, although the owner noted that for a couple of days, visitors would have to come in by either boat or Amphicar (or perhaps a DUKW).

Quite a week for the St Louis area…

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