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Courtesy of Bing Maps

Courtesy of Bing Maps

Yeah, I realize this is a tad out of the greater St Louis OpArea and I have no doubt that the Triumph and other LBC clubs in the vicinity of DC/MD/Northern VA are well aware of this route. However, if anyone reading this blog ever has cause to spend time in northern West Virginia/Virginia and/or western Maryland, it’d be worth your time to take a drive on US 50.

Back in StL the roads to the west and southwest of town are legendary for their twists, turns and great scenery; the available routes include – ta-da! – US 50, which continues west from St Louis through Union, Jeff City, Sedalia and Beautiful Downtown Knob Noster before running into Kansas City (historical note: US 50 was one of the original transcons, starting at Ocean City, MD, on the Atlantic and running all the way to San Francisco on the Pacific. Officially it now ends in Sacramento).

However, the eastern stretch from Winchester, VA, in the Shenandoah Valley west to Athens, OH, is incredible. It runs through the Appalachians/Blue Ridge, over multiple rivers and streams including the west and north branches of the Potomac, the Tygart, Little Kanawha and Ohio and involves regular and highly entertaining driving up one side of a ridge and down the other…plenty of hairpins, switchbacks and outstanding scenery.

As always, if you make the drive, keep an eye out for traffic. On the run east to Maryland on Tuesday 19 August, yr fthfl ed drove the section from Bridgeport, WV east to US 219 and regularly had to fall in behind large dump trucks supporting various mining and construction activities. The big trucks didn’t actually constitute a major problem; the drivers demonstrated great skill in throwing their rigs around. The bigger problem was the drivers who felt obligated to stand on the brakes at every turn and every downhill stretch…

Still, this route’s highly recommended and by all means, keep a camera handy. If you’re willing to spend one full day in the twisties, giving your LBC a workout, US 50 provides one of the great opportunities.

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