I’ll tell you what, when 6-Pack – the national club for TR250 and TR6 owners – throws a party or a confab, they really know what they’re doing!

Titled “TRials,” this year’s annual gathering took place here in St Louis, with the crowd staging out of the Doubletree at Westport Plaza; the event coordinator was a member of SLTOA (he and his wife have two really nice TR6s) and several members of the club volunteered to assist with the various events, including Saturday morning’s car show on Main Street in St Charles and a number of drives on Friday and Saturday.  Some of the excursions went to local special interest car businesses such as Fast Lane while the others explored the local scenery…usually involving one or more ferry rides.   The confab wrapped up with an awards banquet Saturday night.

From what we’ve heard, something like 80 cars showed up, figure on around 120 or so participated from all points of the compass.  They represented multiple states and the Province of Ontario; two participants came all the way from Southern California (Arroyo Grande and Venture, to be specific).

All who attended had a great time. Our congrats to the club and Kevin and Dee for successfully putting together and honchoing this massive gathering.


191005-trials-17-mk 191005-trials-32-mk

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