Polar Bear!


As the saying goes, third time lucky…after two delays due to bad weather and worse road conditions, we finally got the annual Polar Bear Run out of the way on Sunday the 24th. Good thing we didn’t have to postpone another week; as I write this (Sunday 03 March), more snow’s coming down and the roads are treacherous (BIG pileup on I-255 down by Jefferson Barracks, plus similar at several other locations).

Anyway, the participants enjoyed a clear if quite chilly day, about 17 cars total including Triumphs, MGs, a single BMW and a brace of Miatas/MX-5s (glad to have ’em!). The route was clear and by all accounts, the participants had a fine time (said one MX-5 owner: “Thanks for setting this up!”) and among the pack, only one breakdown.

Next up? In and around other activities, I’m going to propose a run north along the Mississippi for 4 May.  There’s a group up in Elsberry that holds a big car show every year; a few years back, while the Triumph faithful were on an “Italian Tune-up” drive courtesy of current president Andy, we stumbled across the show.  Assuming I can convince the rest of the club to make this drive, we should have a good time parading a line of Brit cars through the proceedings.  In the meantime, keep an eye on the SLTOA web page at www.sltoa.org for info on other events, including a Jaguar excursion scheduled for 16 March.

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