Shoot yes, I got the HSD out today!


Two days after Thanksgiving (hope everyone had a great one!), 10 days after first snow which dumped from 4-10 inches hereabouts…and it was 65 and severe clear here in St Louis.  Sooo, I got the TR8 out for an extended drive, mix of fun, errands and choir practice at church.

This shot was done along the south shore of Lake St Louis and there’s a reason.  A few months back Glenn Owens, the editor of the MG club newsletter, The Metro Gazette, instituted an “MG Challenge,” along the lines of the annual “Moss Motors Challenge.”  The process is simple: each month in the newsletter he posts a message of the “get your car photographed at this location” variety.  A good number of the MGCStL members have gladly sent in a bunch of photos.

AND, he welcomes other clubs/cars.  Therefore, if you’re looking to have a little fun, call up the MG Club of St Louis web page, contact Glenn or one of the other officers, find out what this month’s challenge requirement is (this month was a lake, hence the shot) and go get some photos.  Previous ones included firehouses and libraries, and I expect Glenn will come up with plenty more.

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