LBC Sighting!


Another night on the road, another night in an Oregon city (Medford, in this case; I lived in adjacent Central Point from December 1988 to August 1989 while I served as editor of the Central Point Times).  The plan is to get out tomorrow, do a quick patrol of Ashland-Medford-Central Point, load up on In-N-Out burgers for my kids and their kids up in Vancouver (yes, In-N-Out, the California legend; the chain has expanded into Oregon with restaurants in Medford and Grants Pass).

Anyway, on the way down from Lincoln City, I stayed on US 101 as far as Coos Bay then took OR 42 across the Coastal Range to Roseburg.  While searching for rail action in North Bend and Coos Bay, I stumbled across this Lotus Europa.  Not exactly the type of car I’d expect to see on the Oregon coast but hey…other than a replacement right front wheel with flat tire, the car looked to be in pretty good condition.

AND, seriously, I have a bunch of LBC photos taken at an event in Vancouver yesterday morning.  Any luck and I’ll have them posted tomorrow night.

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