Forest Park ’18


Dang, those crafty, wiley MG club, er, folks pulled it off again: at the 9th edition of the Triumph-MG Challenge for the British Leyland Participation Trophy, they beat us handily, putting 27 of the Morris Garages products on the field of valor vice 16 Triumphs and one Morgan +4.  Sigh…

Not to make excuses, but we in SLTOA who did show up kinda figured some of our members saw the weather forecast (freezing rain, sleet, snow, possibly starting early afternoon) and decided to keep their TRs in the garage.  Can’t say I blame ’em; I never get the HSD out if there’s precipitation.  Overall, it appeared we weren’t the only club/owners to worry about the weather (which, by the way, held off until later in the afternoon).  There seemed to be a lot more empty spots in the Muny’s upper lot this year and the crowds were really down compared to previous HCCMO concours.  My sympathy goes to the food concessionaires, who probably saw nowhere near as much business as usual at this event.

Still, well done to our esteemed colleagues; as always, those of us who made it to the Muny parking lot had a large time.  We’ll see what happens next year…

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