Northeastern Patrol


Yup, on the road again, in search of LBCs.  While based out of Bowie, MD, I have managed to range fairly far afield; however, as of Tuesday, when I motored up to Pennsylvania, hadn’t seen an LBC.  Plenty of Jags, Range/Land Rovers and Minis, but no classic Brit sports cars.

I did stumble across this semi-relic on at a dealership on US 22 in Grantsville, PA: a mid-80s Dodge Shelby Charger w/2.2L turbocharged four and a five speed (apparently Shelby substantially upgraded the last 1000 examples, booting the horsepower to 175.  Torque steer anyone?).

Yeah, it needs a little work.  In the meantime, the search continues.

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