Heat Wave, eh?

Boy, and to think I used to buy cars without air conditioning.  We are in the middle of particularly nasty stretch of high temps and corresponding mid-to-high humidity, which makes driving our cars top down, uh, challenging. In fact, earlier this afternoon, I saw a black Ferrari Portofino (front-engine, no V12, twin-turbo V8) up on Manchester: top down, windows up, driver had a headband and I have no doubt his air conditioning was going full blast.  The TR8 does have A/C, but the compressor’s T/U and any repair to the system is well down on the list of things to do.  Thus, like the sports cars I owned 30-40 years ago, I rely on the breeze blowing through the cockpit to stay reasonably comfortable.  It usually works but that drive yesterday, back from the Hazelwood Baptist Show up at I-270 and McDonnell…whuf!

The day started with the monthly gathering of the faithful for Cars & Coffee/Westport and, as per usual, something over 300 cars showed up. We had a good representation of LBCs; SLTOA put three TR6s and members alongside the HSD, plus Mike showed up with his immaculate Morgan DHC. Kudos also to the MG Club, which had several cars out; Gateway Healey Association was represented by a beautiful red 3000.

160616-ccwest-03-mk   160616-ccwest-28-mk

Standouts? As per usual, several highly entertaining cars in the pack, including a lineup of 32 Ford coupes and roadsters (cue The Beach Boys) and an Italian corner with several Alfas, the Lancia Fulvia that regularly shows at Westport and a couple of Fiat 2000 Spiders (hmmm…all of sudden I’m seeing a bunch of 124s/2000s).

From there, on up to Hazelwood, where the TR8 served as one of two Brit cars…shoot, we were the only two foreign cars of any make. Yeah, the show’s keyed towards muscle cars, pony cars, rods and other American heavy metal but it’s a great gathering. The church provides a good venue (I parked near a couple of guys with Show Me Corvair Club along the tree line and thus enjoyed shade for several hours) and really works hard to support the participants and make them feel at home. Great fun, and well worth an annual visit.


Next up? SLTOA’s monthly meeting this coming Tuesday night, at Lazy River Grill on Big Bend. Next month, the legendary annual SweatFest, oh BOY!

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B4WDBC Sighting!

Seen at Skagit Regional Airport, off WA 20 west of Burlington, WA, earlier today.


Lots of neat aircraft the airport too, including the collection of flyable warbirds at the Heritage Flight Museum.

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LBC Sighting!


It could qualify as a classic car park OR it could come under the category of auto junkyard…the lot’s on the east side of I-5 near Vader, WA, and according to the hand-lettered sign out front, the entire property – including a large number of mostly rusted-out vehicles – are for sale.

Note the GT6 hood on the early-model Spit.  Due to multiple “no trespassing” signs, I didn’t move closer to see what kind of engine was under that hood.

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Enough Already…

Hmmm…it might be time to lock up the auto stylists (the amazing thing is someone actually bought one of these CH-Rs, the biggest leap forward in automotive design since the Pontiac Aztek).


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Cars As…Birthday Cards?

Sighted yesterday (Tues 24 Apr) at Scott AFB. Yes, the owner was rather startled when he showed up…and yes, those are balloons filling the passenger compartment.


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Forest Park ’18


Dang, those crafty, wiley MG club, er, folks pulled it off again: at the 9th edition of the Triumph-MG Challenge for the British Leyland Participation Trophy, they beat us handily, putting 27 of the Morris Garages products on the field of valor vice 16 Triumphs and one Morgan +4.  Sigh…

Not to make excuses, but we in SLTOA who did show up kinda figured some of our members saw the weather forecast (freezing rain, sleet, snow, possibly starting early afternoon) and decided to keep their TRs in the garage.  Can’t say I blame ’em; I never get the HSD out if there’s precipitation.  Overall, it appeared we weren’t the only club/owners to worry about the weather (which, by the way, held off until later in the afternoon).  There seemed to be a lot more empty spots in the Muny’s upper lot this year and the crowds were really down compared to previous HCCMO concours.  My sympathy goes to the food concessionaires, who probably saw nowhere near as much business as usual at this event.

Still, well done to our esteemed colleagues; as always, those of us who made it to the Muny parking lot had a large time.  We’ll see what happens next year…

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The Automobile As Art VI

Who you gonna call?  (I-44 WB near Arsenal, Mon 12 Mar)


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Life in the Midwest

Sunday, 11 March, 1220 hrs, Des Peres.


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Back East

Back in the DC area again, short-notice short-duration trip in order to attend the funeral of an Air Force bud of yours truly.  In and around high winds, power outages and the farewell, have kept an eye out for TRs and other LBCs.  So far, this is the only wheeled transportation I’ve seen bearing the Triumph name.


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TR Sighting!

Ran across this one in the parking lot of Menards on Manchester, between I-270 and MO 141.   Got a brief glimpse of the driver before he entered the store; Mark and Andy in SLTOA have yellow TR6s, but this guy didn’t look like either of them.  A mystery…

BTW, the TR6 had period-correct Missouri plates for 1974.


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