Ah, but so far, all I’ve seen on the road Brit-wise is this really nice Land Rover, on US 301 SB near Crofton, MD. Am heading out for Chesapeake Beach in a few minutes and tomorrow – weather permitting – I’ll be over on the Delmarva Peninsula. The search continues…

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On the Road Again


Business trip, back to greater DC-Baltimore and the search for LBCs continue. No surprise, this area is thick with Brit and other special interest car clubs; the leads in the Triumph category remain Triumphs Around the Chesapeake and Capital Triumph Register, both great groups.

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Polar Bear!


As the saying goes, third time lucky…after two delays due to bad weather and worse road conditions, we finally got the annual Polar Bear Run out of the way on Sunday the 24th. Good thing we didn’t have to postpone another week; as I write this (Sunday 03 March), more snow’s coming down and the roads are treacherous (BIG pileup on I-255 down by Jefferson Barracks, plus similar at several other locations).

Anyway, the participants enjoyed a clear if quite chilly day, about 17 cars total including Triumphs, MGs, a single BMW and a brace of Miatas/MX-5s (glad to have ’em!). The route was clear and by all accounts, the participants had a fine time (said one MX-5 owner: “Thanks for setting this up!”) and among the pack, only one breakdown.

Next up? In and around other activities, I’m going to propose a run north along the Mississippi for 4 May.  There’s a group up in Elsberry that holds a big car show every year; a few years back, while the Triumph faithful were on an “Italian Tune-up” drive courtesy of current president Andy, we stumbled across the show.  Assuming I can convince the rest of the club to make this drive, we should have a good time parading a line of Brit cars through the proceedings.  In the meantime, keep an eye on the SLTOA web page at for info on other events, including a Jaguar excursion scheduled for 16 March.

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For Want of a Bolt…


Yes, the HSD is still in the garage.   However, what with the incredible increase in the temperature (compared to the past two weekends) and the sunny skies, one of my sons and I spent the better part of the afternoon finishing up the new alternator…and then ran into a work stoppage.   The bolt we had for fastening the adjusting arm didn’t fit.   Checked the shop manual, made three trips to Ace, still don’t have the right size and the sun’s gone down.

Soooo, we’ll have to see if I can get the alternator properly installed and the car running again next Saturday, in advance of SLTOA’s annual Polar Bear Run.   And yes, I’m monitoring the weather…right now it looks pretty iffy, but hopefully we can pull it off.

More to follow…

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Snow Day


No, the HSD did NOT come out of the garage today…11 inches of snow at our palatial Ballwin estate, good day to stay inside and watch the mighty Chiefs play the Colts.

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More Great Weather, But…


Temps in the high 50s-low 60s on Saturday and Sunday, plenty of sunshine on Saturday (things did a bit cloudly later on Sunday), yet another mid-winter opportunity to get the LBC out, right?  Well, not so fast…

Seems the alternator in the HSD gave up the ghost about a week ago.  The replacement arrived from Victoria British on Thursday and Friday night my son and I pulled the old alternator…and immediately ran into ye proverbial brick wall: try as we might, we couldn’t loosen the nut holding the pulley and alternator fan.  Went to a local auto parts store yesterday, managed to get the nut loosened, now all we have to do is install the pulley and fan, the mounting brackets and put it back in.

Ah, but with everything else that occurred over the weekend or needed our attention, that installation will have to wait until next weekend.  Sigh…

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Shoot Yes Redux!


Absolutely, with clear skies and a temperature around 55 (in mid-December, mind you…you gotta love the Midwest), I got the HSD out for an extended drive today.  Stumbled across this immaculate, original owner (!) 1974 VW Super Beetle at the Phillips 66 at Clayton and MO 141. Nice car…

BTW, other vehicles noted during my drive included a screaming red Lotus Exige, a 68-73 or thereabouts black Corvette convertible with huge belt-driven blower towering over the hood (I’m surprised the owner can see around that contraption), a 67 Mustang notchback and two Porsche Boxsters…with their tops up.   The owners have been permanently added to the Lame List…

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The Automobile As Art IX


Nissan 370Z, seen earlier today on Watson Rd in Crestwood.  Not sure what to make of the paint scheme, but the car’s probably freaky fast…

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Shoot yes, I got the HSD out today!


Two days after Thanksgiving (hope everyone had a great one!), 10 days after first snow which dumped from 4-10 inches hereabouts…and it was 65 and severe clear here in St Louis.  Sooo, I got the TR8 out for an extended drive, mix of fun, errands and choir practice at church.

This shot was done along the south shore of Lake St Louis and there’s a reason.  A few months back Glenn Owens, the editor of the MG club newsletter, The Metro Gazette, instituted an “MG Challenge,” along the lines of the annual “Moss Motors Challenge.”  The process is simple: each month in the newsletter he posts a message of the “get your car photographed at this location” variety.  A good number of the MGCStL members have gladly sent in a bunch of photos.

AND, he welcomes other clubs/cars.  Therefore, if you’re looking to have a little fun, call up the MG Club of St Louis web page, contact Glenn or one of the other officers, find out what this month’s challenge requirement is (this month was a lake, hence the shot) and go get some photos.  Previous ones included firehouses and libraries, and I expect Glenn will come up with plenty more.

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The Automobile As Art VIII


Observed in Columbia, IL, this morning (Sunday 18 Nov).  Apparently the owner of this Neon SRT bought the highly prized Road Warrior option package.  No idea if the owner’s last name was Rockatansky.

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